Building a More Vibrant Arapahoe

Dear Neighbor,

Arapahoe County is my home. I’ve lived here all my life, and my husband and I have raised our three sons here. I have spent the last 20 years serving and volunteering to improve the lives of the people who call our community home.

The past several years have been an invigorating opportunity to serve as your Commissioner here in Arapahoe County. When I ran for election in 2020 I knew we had several critical challenges facing us ranging from significant challenges for our healthcare industry and staff strained by COVID-19, to building a trackable plan for Arapahoe’s growth and finally engaging our citizens and business community in our planning efforts.

Four years in and with dozens of town halls, I have engaged thousands of our fellow neighbors serving as the Chairwoman of our County Commission. Together, we’ve provided a sophisticated county budget, worked to build a more diverse and vibrant community of leaders, and are taking deliberate steps to prepare Arapahoe for tomorrow’s challenges.

Serving on our budget committee has been an honor and my purpose has been to build a budget for our future which recognizes our tax dollars as investments that must have real impact on our neighbors and small businesses which drive our economy and provide durable careers. From a 5-Year Plan to revitalize our network of roads, tunnels, and bridges, to significant improvements to our community programs for our most vulnerable populations like our elderly neighbors, I have fought for our growing Arapahoe and its future as Colorado’s largest county.

A photo of Carrie Warren-Gully, County Commissioner for District 1 of Arapahoe County

The next several years are critical for our future. Careful stewardship of our open spaces and passing the strictest clean air regulations in Colorado, ensuring attainable housing for our new and growing families, and developing vocational and public health capabilities to address and reduce our growing homelessness concerns are just a few of the key challenges that I am prepared to tackle along with many of my early community supporters.

I’m hopeful for your vote in November like many of my community endorsements so that I can continue to serve our Arapahoe County neighbors and implement policies which make life more prosperous, safe, and vibrant for all of our Arapahoe County neighbors. Here’s where we start:

  • Develop apprenticeship and career programs which provide pathways out of poverty, create generational wealth, and benefit our local small businesses
  • Support our first responders like our firefighters, EMTs, and new community mental health co-responders who assist our police and help keep us safe

  • Defend our open spaces and environment with the strongest clean air policies in Colorado
  • Protect our most vulnerable populations like our elderly and ensure they can continue to call Arapahoe home
  • Respond to the growing homelessness crisis facing Arapahoe County and across Colorado

  • Develop sustainable, attainable housing for families and young professionals in Arapahoe County

But I can only work toward this future with your help. Winning this race and earning the right to make these policies a reality means that we have to work together. If you live in Arapahoe county, make sure you’re registered to vote. If you’re passionate about any of the above, join my campaign and bring your talents to our team. And if you’re ready to bring Arapahoe County forward into the future with me, please consider donating to my campaign today.

Thank you again for your trust and support. Together, we’ll make Arapahoe County a more prosperous, safe, and vibrant place to call home.

Yours in service,

Carrie Warren-Gully

Arapahoe County Commissioner for District 1