Meet Carrie Warren-Gully

With over two decades of community service and a track record of business success, Carrie has built a home, raised a family, and fought for our community here in Arapahoe County. Learn more about Carrie’s background in her own words in the tabs below. Don’t forget to learn a bit more about the role of our county commissioners and some of the accomplishments Carrie has championed for us. Plus, you can learn about Carrie’s plan for her next term and how you can help.

Growing up in Arapahoe County, Carrie learned the importance of giving back. As a child, she volunteered alongside her parents through their local church and in the disability community. From a young age, Carrie realized the significance of working with others to preserve the values we hold dear. Throughout Carrie’s career, the most important thing she has learned is that public service is a rewarding journey that requires honesty, commitment, passion and hard work.

Carrie’s journey as a public servant began when she took a job with the Colorado Wildlife Federation advocating for the protection of our public lands, particularly those around the Highline Canal. Working with stakeholders from around the state, Carrie helped facilitate strong, lasting community partnerships by bringing local voices to the table.

Carrie’s Experience in the public and private sector is extensive. Starting in the year 2000, Carrie worked with others in our community to bring in much needed investments and resources for our local public schools. Carrie witnessed the power of people of different beliefs and backgrounds to organize and work for change.

That experience inspired Carrie to pursue her passion for public service further, and she was elected to the Littleton Public Schools Board of Education in 2013. At the same time, she served on the Colorado Association of School Boards Board of Directors, eventually being elected Chair.

As a business owner in Englewood since 2014 Carrie has had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented individuals and supporting them in their goals. Carrie has become a cornerstone among leaders known for their engagement and impact among our community initiatives and has fought hard for our county across Colorado.

As your commissioner, Carrie has worked to impact homelessness, public safety, access to attainable housing, and economic development. Carrie’s commitment to Arapahoe hasn’t gone unseen — she was chair of the board for the Metro Area County Commissioners in 2022 which ensured Carrie’s voice was a guiding star and defended our county’s interests to bring more high-paying and durable jobs to Arapahoe.

But Carrie’s just getting started. Check out below for a list of boards she’s currently serving on to bring our community’s needs to the forefront among our neighbors and across Colorado to ensure that our next generation’s future is secure, our economy is durable, and our roads infrastructure is reliable.

  • Colorado Counties Inc (CCI) Board of Directors
  • Colorado State Child Welfare Allocation Committe
  • Colorado Counties Inc (CCI) – Health and Human Services Committee
  • Colorado Counties Inc (CCI) – Tourism, Resorts and Economic Development
  • Developmental Pathways Board of Directors
  • All Health Network Board of Directors
  • Homelessness Coordinating Committee
  • Metro Area County Commissioners (MACC)
  • National Association of Counties (NACO) Steering Committee
  • Colorado Counties Acting Together (CCAT) Governing Board
  • Arapahoe/Douglas WORKS! Workforce Board of Directors
  • Executive Budget Committee
  • Immigrant Pathway Colorado Board of Directors
  • Highline Canal Conservancy Collaborative
  • East Community Center Advisory Committee
  • Mayors Managers and Commissioners
  • Tri-Cities Homlessness Policy Group
  • City of Sheridan CANDO Group
  • South Metro Chamber Board of Directors
  • South Platte Working Group
  • Served as Commissioner Liaison to the following departments: Finance, Human Resources, Human Services, County Attorney Office, Commissioners Office


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