Protect our way of life.
Prioritize Arapahoe county.

Colorado is growing faster than almost any state in the union. This presents uncommon growing pains and offers a great opportunity for us to grow and thrive together. But we need to be ready to face this growth together as a community. Whether it is caring for our healthcare industry and workers strained by COVID-19, building a trackable plan for Arapahoe’s growth, or finally engaging our citizens and business community in our planning efforts, there’s a lot we can do to solve today’s problems, and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities. Here’s where we start.

Carrie’s Priorities

Healthcare & Wellness

Education and prevention provide the backbone of a healthy community.

Providing education on nutrition, mental wellness, aging, tobacco and substance abuse helps us tackle some of our most challenging health care issues while preparing for emergencies and communicable diseases helps us plan for potential threats in the future.  I want to make sure we are partnering with as many organizations as possible to help our community members find the health services they need in a timely manner so loved ones are cared for before crisis and long term issues arise.

Responsible Growth

Planning for our future transportation needs is vital for the economic and environmental health of our County.

 We must continue to invest in updating aging roads and bridges and also partner with our regional public transportation entities so that all of the citizens of Arapahoe County have access to a variety of safe and environmentally supportive modes of transportation while easing traffic congestion.

A Safer Arapahoe for all of us

A safe community not only works towards public safety, abuse prevention and emergency preparedness

A safe community not only works towards public safety, abuse prevention and emergency preparedness but is a healthy community that supports drug prevention, addiction cessation programs and mental health services. The justice system should work to provide community service, alternative sentencing programs and education and mental health programs that help our community members to return to their home with work skills ready to take the next steps.

Remembering the elderly

The number of people in Arapahoe County age 60 or older will continue to grow

We need to plan for their safety, housing, health care and quality of life.I want to make sure our seniors continue their active, healthy and independent lifestyle.  We need to be partnering with nonprofits and other governmental agencies to help seniors receive basic care and remain independent so they can continue to live in their own homes.

Honoring Those Who Serve

Veterans have served to maintain our freedoms and we must support their needs.

I will make sure that it is as easy as possible to take advantage of the benefits and services available to them by helping them navigate requests for county services, filing claims for insurance and hospitalizations and workforce and vocational training to continue to grow financially.

Protect our quality of life

The cost of housing is climbing steadily.

As a result, seniors, young families, teachers and other working professionals are not able to afford to live in our community. I will partner with nonprofits, city councils, and other community organizations to make sure we have a diverse and vibrant citizenry working and living in Arapahoe County.

You are the change we need

I am grateful for your support – and eager to represent you as an Arapahoe County Commissioner. We have lots of volunteer opportunities whether you have a lot or just a little time to spare.

Please join our team and together, we will protect, grow and build a more sustainable, responsible Arapahoe county.

Join Our Team